Who We Are

CAF Ventures was set up to push CAF group's boundaries as an industrial group.

It aims to scale companies operating in similar industries aspiring to join the CAF Group ecosystem.


We are

  • Business model developers
  • Investors of capital and knowledge in growing companies
  • Long-term relation partners

We couple startup dynamism with all the benefits members of a large group reap.

We are not

  • Technological developers
  • Seed stage start up accelerators or incubators
  • Short-term investors

Corporate Investment Programme

The corporate investment programme is a highly selective process endeavouring to identify matches and synergies between the CAF group and companies it invests in, in a stable and long-term relation framework.

To this regard, CAF Ventures has designed a proprietary method to analyse the value each candidate company could contribute to the CAF Group and vice versa, and to establish the bases by which to accelerate company scaling.