CAF Ventures has designed a process to detect, select and invest in expanding companies with high growth potential, providing them with knowledge and capital to promote their growth.

This process involves the following stages:


I. Assessment

CAF calls on companies with high potential to join their CAF Ventures Programme.

CAF Ventures employs a sophisticated process to assess candidate companies from three different perspectives:

  1. The strategic alignment of the candidate company with the CAF Group.
  2. Project feasibility, profitability and scalability.
  3. Management and entrepreneurial capacities of the promotional team.


Active Assessment Process

A phased process designed to check strategic alignment and to establish the bases for a long-term relationship.

  • 1. Application form

    A written description of the company, the business opportunity and the team.
  • 2. Face-to-Face meeting

    A face-to-face meeting where candidates present their projects.
  • 3. Value Due Diligence

    A critical stage in the process where the maximum potential of a company is assessed using a proprietory method.
  • 4. Legal and Fiscal Due Diligence

    A legal and fiscal review of the most important aspects of the project to determine the company's current status.
  • 5. Strategic Plan

    The company's roadmap, setting objectives and actions for 3 years ahead, based on agreements already made in relation to the resources required for accelerated growth.


II. Negotation & Agreement

The stage where both parties set out the framework for the relationship.

Should the candidate company succeed in the admission process, CAF Ventures and the selected company negotiate the terms of the agreement which will govern the long-term relationship and the investment to be made together with a schedule and conditions so as to provide the company with the necessary resources for accelerated growth.



III. Corporate Investment Programme

This stage is the reasoning behind CAF Ventures.

CAF promotes the chosen companies for a period of 3 years, providing them with support and resources.



CAF provides the following resources to companies in the Programme:

  • Funding
  • Personnel and knowledge
  • CAF Group Membership
  • Brand image


Periodic Assessment

The aim is to establish a periodic comparison and validation dynamic for the results obtained by the company with the progress defined in the strategic plan agreed upon at the time of investment. This serves to guarantee the corporate investment plan is implemented properly.



IV. Consolidation

The final stage of the process with the company leaving the acceleration programme to operate autonomously in the CAF Group.

This Acceleration Programme is designed to integrate participant companies in the CAF Group company network.